Tuesday – March 19, 2019

Sorry this one is late. Yesterday I was at the gym through about 7:30 PM and then I went to a hip-hop dance class from 8 to 930 LOL woke up this morning and had a meeting at 8:30 and was in it all day. I’m really excited my braces are out, but I’m having to wear your retainer, and I’m getting really bad cottonmouth.

Trunk Stiffness 

Sling-shot Hip Prep

Clean & Jerk – build to heavy, technical single for the day; rest as needed

215# – heyyyyyyy hell yeah! I’ll have to say this is probably the slowest plane I have ever done, but nonetheless I hit it! If you wanna see it I’ll just shoot you a text tomorrow but no worries if you don’t, I won’t be offended. Everything was actually feeling really great except for surprisingly my jerk. It’s not that I was feeling heavy I just felt lazy, but I wasn’t trying to be lazy if that makes sense. Come to think of it, text me tomorrow so I can send you my clean and jerk, because you’ll see what I mean when I show you my jerk. I don’t know not everything felt really great and I’m really happy I was able to hit 95%

Clean & Jerk (anyway, power / squat) – 2 sets: 3min window to hit 3 singles @ 80-85-88% of “”A””; rest 5min b/t windows

172/182/189 – I know you said I have three minutes to hit three singles, but my first thought I hit in 2:10 and second set I finished in 1:33….so….they looked great and felt great. Should have moved faster.

HB Back Squat – 3 x 3; rest as needed

205# – So this may sound crazy, but I need to back squat more because my shoulders thought the weight was heavy. My traps were feeling it!! I am not the way it felt OK. I think to a fight was about the right amount for this. Because of this I can talk my back squat strength is down just a little bit because I haven’t done it and I while, but it’s not too terribly bad. I just feel like I’m one of those people who constantly needs to do back squats.

For time:

1500m AB Buy-in…

3 Rounds:

5 Sandbag OTS @ 100#

15 GHD SIt-ups

45 Heavy Rope DU’s 

AB – 2:30. Total time – 7:23.

This one was a ton of fun. I definitely think I could’ve gone harder on the assault bike portion but of course I didn’t make that decision until about 1:00 in. I will also toot my own horn and say that these are hands-down the best transitions I have ever had!!! EVERRRRR. All of my rounds were boom boom fast!! Same time!! It was exciting to do this. I said “I’m coming out hot and seeing what happens”

EMOM for 12min

Min-1 – 2 Legless RC’s 

Min-2 – 5 Deficit K.HSPU (challenging deficit)

Min-3 – 30ft Back Rack Yoke Carry @ 300-350#

Yoke – 345#, deficit – 5”.

Easy peasy. Legs feel good after that first Carry! Made it though all my rope climbs, but about last rnd or so I was feeling my grip.

Hip Capsule Distraction Drills – 2 x 30-40sec ea 

-Couch stretch

-Hip flexion w/ lateral band distraction

-Posterior hip mobilization w/ lateral band distraction

-Pigeon Stretch on box w/ posterior band distraction


I was happy with this training day! It was awesome. Sorry my log is so late. I’ve been so busy with work.

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