Tuesday – April 2, 2019

APRIL 2, 2019

I did some of the stuff Monday, because I have a work dinner this evening that I was afraid I wouldn’t have enough time at the gym. Sure enough I was right, I had to stay at work yesterday until 4:30, Which really doesn’t seem that late, but when you take in consideration the fact that there was a wreck on my way to the gym, by the time I got there it was 5:15. I had the fastest, crappy us warm up I’ve ever done, hit my “For Time at 85%“ & bolted out of the door at 5:50, only to get home at 6:15, shower and be at a really nice steakhouse by 6:50. We were there until 10:30. The breaking point was me yawning at the dinner table…

McGill Series w/ KB – 2 cycles 

B. Slingshot Series – 2 x 10 

B. BFR DB 2-arm Front Squat – @ 2020 tempo 4 x 12 @ 35# ea hand; rest as needed

I obviously did not have time to do this today, but I actually hit the BFR Monday because I was afraid that was going to happen. I really would like to invest in a nice set of cuffs, but I just can’t justify spending the money right now since we are moving. I think if I did that it would be a lot more comfortable than wrapping my legs with voodoo floss.

Power Clean x1 + Hang Squat Clean x1 + Front Squat x1 + Jerk x2 – 5 heavy sets of the complex; rest as needed 


I know what you’re thinking “why did she go down in weight”. I did my first complex it was feeling really good and I was about to hit my first jerk and I remembered it was two!

For time @ 85% comp effort 

30 Axle DL @ 180#

30 Heavy Rope DU’s

30 Power Clean @ 125#

30 Heavy rope DU’s

30 BBJO @ 24″” 

30 Heavy rope DU’s 

…sprint to finish!

Time to finish each movement is: 1:57/2:35/5:56/6:40/9:51/10:13 – I took approximately 15 minutes to warm up for this and that included getting all of my stuff out, so really what happened was I got my stuff out and I started. I tried to move quickly through this without blowing myself up, but the lack of warm up played a big part I think. It was a fun workout, and I really enjoyed the 30 power cleans at a heavier weight because after the heavy DL they weren’t that bad. Also DUs, I’m happy to say that 30 was absolutely nothing, it was truly a time that I felt like I can relax and catch my breath. I also feel confident in saying that if it were 50.

Pegboard Play / Practice – 10-15min

*warm-up well, then hit 2-3 full climbs

*finish w/ accumulating ~60sec uneven-grip Iso holds (bottom peg set at elbow of top arm)

I did not get an opportunity to do this.

Hip Capsule Distraction Drills – 2 x 30-40sec ea 

-Couch stretch

-Hip flexion w/ lateral band distraction

-Posterior hip mobilizaiton w/ lateral band distraction

-Pigeon Stretch on box w/ posterior band distraction


I’ve had a long week. There is a lot going on as well, and I am enjoying training because it is letting me escape, but at the same time I feel like I’m not able to put 100% in because I just don’t have 100% right now and it makes me sad.

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