Tuesday – April 9, 2019

The ac is out in my apt!!!!! I slept awful.


McGill Series w/ KB – 2 cycles 

Slingshot Series – 2 x 10 

BFR WB – 6 on the min for 10min, AB @ easy recovery pace after each set

Holy legs. There was something brutally awful about this one compared to all the others.

Pause Snatch DL (2sec, below knee) – 5-6 x 3 @ 155-175#; rest as needed (pause and reset at floor each rep)

HB Back Squat @20×1 – 5 x 6 @ 70-75%; rest as needed b/t sets to maintain quality

175# – This started feeling fairly heavy, but started to feel moderately OK after the first round. It was around rep 4-6 that I started really having to work to keep good positions but the last 3 rounds I really started shifting to my left on the last 2 reps. Not only can I feel it, but I could definitely see it when I videoed it as well.

10min Running Prep (hips / ankles)

4 Rounds for time w/ 14# vest 

400m Run

21 Air Squats 

9 BBJO @ 24″”

17:03 – 1930 m ran, we have more of a 500 m. My first round was the slowest at 4:30ish, But I think that time was more so spent because it was my longest run. After I saw how much longer it was I started cutting corners to try to make it shorter. Also, you left out the fact that these are the most intimidating box jumps I would probably ever do LOL I was probably well clearing the box but because I had that weight vest on I was so intimidated.

Hip Capsule Distraction Drills – 2 x 30-40sec ea 

-Couch stretch

-Hip flexion w/ lateral band distraction

-Posterior hip mobilization w/ lateral band distraction

-Pigeon Stretch on box w/ posterior band distraction


My shoulder is still bothering me, but this is more than likely from getting needled the other day. Still clicking, still pinching, still waking me up. About Easter, i don’t think I’ll be able to come, flights are pretty expensive right now, & the only reasonably priced ones aren’t incredibly inconvenient times. Still want to come again. At some point!!

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